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Shardlow Manor

Over the years we have built a strong relationship with Shardlow Manor which is located just a short walk away from nursery. The children love visiting the residents and taking activities such as colouring, play dough, puzzles, games and much more!

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The more time young and old people spend together, the more both parties benefit.

Children have a warm and infectious energy, which can help to bring so much joy to the elderly.
In fact, research shows that connecting children with seniors can help to boost confidence, increase communication and improve memory.

Children also benefit from intergenerational relationships. Some may not have grandparents of their own; however spending time with the elderly amongst the community offers many advantages.

Seniors can share their wisdom and help children to develop many of their academic skills. Furthermore, seniors are often very patient and make great listeners as they can give a child their full attention.

Other benefits of connecting children and seniors include:

  • An opportunity for both young and old to learn new skills

  • An occasion where both seniors and children can feel motivated and inspired

  • A way to share family history and knowledge about the past

  • An opportunity for the elderly to learn about modern technology

  • An opportunity for seniors to exercise both physically and mentally

  • A sense of purpose for both parties

  • A chance to dismiss any negative opinions or fears of the elderly

  • A way for children to learn how to care for the elderly

  • A new routine which can help to reduce loneliness and depression in the elderly

  • A chance for children who do not have grandparents to enjoy the benefits

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Take a look at some of our past visits to Shardlow Manor

Nursery Shardlow
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Nursery Derby
Nursery Derby
Nursery Derby
Nursery Derby
Nursery Derby
Derby nursery
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