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Forest School Assistant

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What We Offer

At Shardlow Hall Day Nursery we understand that outdoor play is essential for children’s wellbeing and development which is why we have created outdoor spaces that create awe and wonder for all children.

We have every area well planned out to meet all individual needs of all our children and we are forever developing the areas to make it more challenging and inviting for all ages. 

Outdoor play supports all areas of children’s development and wellbeing as children don’t just love outdoor play for fun, they are learning all the time! Outdoor play brings that little more excitement to children when learning new skills as they can fulfil unique learning opportunities that may only be possible when playing outside with natural objects.

Children truly thrive whilst outdoors so we are constantly enhancing their opportunities so they can get the very best out of the natural world around them! 


We have over 8 acres of land to explore


We teach children life skills 

We allow children the freedom to explore

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We encourage children's natural curiosity

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