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Providing a balanced, healthy diet for your child requires both expertise and imagination, which is why our menus follow the Eat Better Start Better guidelines. We freshly prepare all of our meals at Shardlow Hall Day Nursery, ensuring our food is perfect for your child’s growing body and mind. We have a special diet policy that ensures every specific dietary need is met, attending to each individual child’s needs. All our food is prepared fresh daily by our Nursery Cooks. We ensure that our food meets the highest standards and all our menus have the optimal nutritional balance for children under 5. We serve breakfast, morning snack, lunch and a light tea. Our breakfast options are as follows: Porridge, Weetabix, cereals, toast, fresh baked bread and a choice of milk or water. We also have various cups of milk throughout the day to ensure children get plenty of calcium in their daily diet. Please see below a sample weekly menu.

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Shardlow Hall Day Nursery

Sample Menu:

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We're a 5 star food hygiene setting!

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