Our Nursery Animals

Here at Shardlow Hall Day Nursery, we have horses, ducks, chickens and a dog who provide endless learning opportunities for the children. Animals help teach children empathy, confidence and responsibility. They also help improve communication skills and can help calm children. Many of our animals are rescued and the children love caring for them and watching them grow! Our children get to experience feeding our animals, collecting eggs, watching them hatch and much more. They show so much care which is amazing to see and they really are the best little helpers!


Brooke & Sian

We have two horses, Brooke and Sian, who live at our horse yard which is located within our nursery grounds. The children visit them regularly and even get to feed them. Brooke and Sian love having visits from the children and they usually trot over as soon as they see the children at the fence. Brooke and Sian also like pulling faces at the children which they find hilarious!


Chickens & Ducks

We have three ducks and a chicken who live at nursery. We rescued them a few ago so now the children help us take good care of them by feeding them and collecting the eggs. We also hatch chicks every year which creates a wonderful experience for the children. We've also previously rescued 24 ex battery hens who were extremely poorly. Our amazing children helped us take care of them every day until they were back to full health.

Shardlow nursery


Meet Lola, our super friendly cocker spaniel who is part of the Shardlow Hall team!
Lola stays in the office and spends time with the children by visiting them and going on walks. Lola is our family pet who we’ve had for 8 years. She’s extremely friendly and has been brought up around children since she was a puppy. The children love Lola and are always eager to see her!
Dogs are a great way to teach children many skills including responsibility, empathy, communication and compassion. They’re also a great addition to any workplace as they help relieve stress and create a happy working environment. The benefits are endless!


Our Neighbours

We're extremely lucky to be surrounded solely by fields and farmland. The farm is next to our back garden so we often see cows, sheep, combine harvesters and tractors busy in the fields! The children love this and it open up lovely communication and learning topics.



We love learning all about different life cycles so we provide lots of opportunities for children to get involved in observing and caring for them...